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Result Guaranteed Programme for PSLE, O Level, A Level Tuition Singapore

Result Guaranteed Programme for PSLE, O Level, A Level Tuition Singapore

jc physics tuition - We provide the best tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC H2 & IP Tuition Centre providing effective teaching methodologies for Sciences, Physics tuition, Chemistry, Biology and Maths Tuition in Singapore

Our programme is developed by two First-Class Honours graduates from Cambridge University. They structured their programme based on the following key features:

1. Confidence building for students
2. Explore – Strengthen – Consolidate (ESC) Cycle (Our Teaching Methodology)
3. Teachers’ Training
4. Incorporating discoveries from neuroscience 

We Deliver Results!

Over the years since 1999, we have been helping many students achieve outstanding results. Click here for thousands of our students’ results. 

In fact, we are so confident of being able to help students fully understand the subjects they are learning and being able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in examinations, that we have introduced a Results Guaranteed Programme (RGP). 

We have also been described as the most transparent tuition centre in terms of student results by the Straits Time in an article on (28 August 2010). 

See what our PSLE, O Level and A Level students say about us!

Proven strategies to ACE your results in Exam!

- Concise notes and challenging worksheets developed by top Cambridge and UK graduates (read testimonials about our notes)
- Effective and professional teaching methodologies

- Cambridge Marking Scheme (how they set and mark exam questions) helps your child focus on effective answering techniques

We CARE for You!

- Committed full time teachers to enable students to ask questions outside lesson schedule

- Extra FREE lesson consultations twice a month to allow students to clarify doubts

- Online Questions and Answers (Q&A)

- We conduct additional classes for weaker students if we find that they are unable to cope

Quality Teachers

Teachers in tuition centres face a different kind of pressure. If they are not effective, students leave. Therefore, we do not select teachers simply based on whether they were school teachers. We select those with the qualities to strive and excel under our kind of environment. All our teachers, whether former school teacher or not, needs to be trained internally to use our teaching system effective to achieve the results we want. We apply strict criteria in the selection of our teachers. A university degree is the minimum requirement. They also needs to possess :

1. strong communication skills through which information and messages are passed on effectively to students

2. commitment and sense of responsibility towards students

3. friendly and approachable disposition which makes students unafraid to ask questions

4. passion in teaching

We Believe You can Do It!

- We believe in helping our students believe in themselves

- We believe that they can do better if they want to and are willing to put in the effort

- We believe we can help them

- We have turned around many students

- The satisfaction that we derived far outweighed other rewards

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